Reformation era which happened in 1998 give change effect that made autonomy territory policy. This process caused significant chance especially for development interconnection, took decision in planning actuating and monitoring of development. In other hand, Prof. Gunandjar Kartasasmita tell that autonomy territory practice still face problem like lack of creativity and critical and rational people participation.

Reaching people development goals for achieve more empowered, active participation, and full of creativity in 2002 government committed to broad Indonesia become free poverty country in 2015. Otherwise UNDP notes that in the last decade Indonesian people quality getting worse.

Because of that condition it need approach people development with Community Development (CD). CD is “…the process of developing a broad network of interaction in order to increase community capacity, support sustainable development and improve the rural quality of life (USDA, 2001).”

Approach in developing people can be see from deficit based and strength bsed paradigm. Growth in strength based paradigm born new method that called by Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry transform people system capacity for positive change which focus in positive experience and future with full of dream (Cooperrider dan Srivastva, 1987; Cooperrider et al., 2000; Fry et al, 2002; Ludema et al, 2000, on Gergen et al., 2004).

Aims of this scientific paper is for describing Appreciative Inquiry superiority and made implemented solutions of Appreciative Inquiry in Community Development concept to increase people welfare. And then benefit from this application become suggestion to government, entrepreneur, university, student organization, and the people or the community itself to apply the application that given.

This process of writing scientific paper was made using analytical descriptive approach. Its systematically writing technically followed the handbook of Pedoman Umum Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi.

Difference between two approach is on the paradigm to face phenomenon. The approach of problems arrangement see phenomenon as problem that has to be fixed without asking the aims or the visions in higher level. Meanwhile, AI see phenomenon more positively, as a base to achieve aims or visions in higher level. So that in the end of analytical process, strength based more giving positive change than deficit based does.

Fusion between AI and CD can be implemented in the master plan of people development and specifically specified in work steps; which is:

– 1st agenda: Planning and Preparation

work steps: – Collaborative Power Collection

– Training for Facilitator

– Making the main topic of empowerment

– Determining Management System and Technical Implementation

– 2nd agenda: Action and Transformation

Work steps: – Introduce AI and CD Concept

– Digging Community Power

– Expressing Hope and Dreams Freely

– Determining Our Own Steps and Actions

-3rd agenda: Build Sustainable Independence

– Building Network Team and Specific Character

– Developing Partnership

(Written by Fiqih Santoso, Student of Faculty of Psychology Padjajdaran University)